Sao Miguel (again!)

We are not disappointed! First place of call was the Mercado in Ponta Delgado where we stocked up on some fresh produce, a deliciously juicy local pineapple, local cheese and honey.

The center of Ponta Delgado is very navigable on foot and it felt good to stretch our legs!

Fabulous wall art!

We couldn’t check in to our AirBnB – “a toca do Lince” in Bretanha – until 3, so we toodled around – up and down and through some cute and lazy little villages. Had lunch in Mosteiros at Chico’s then drove down to the waterfront and had a short snooze in the sunny car with fresh breezes blowing through the windows!

A toca do Lince (the hole of the lynx) is just as cute as it appeared on the AirBnB website and hosts, Robert and Cristina, a lovely young couple. We’re settled in and looking forward to exploring this western end of the island.

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