We are in Marrakech and have seen much of the newer area and some of the Kasbah and Medina, but somehow it is not as photogenic as I thoughtšŸ˜©

Marrakech is known as the “red” or “ochre” city compared to Fes’s yellow colored buildings. The Medina is easier to navigate than Fes, with wider passageways, but, unfortunately, they allow motor scooters and motor bikes through them and the noise and smell of fumes is unpleasant. I would rather deal with the tighter alleys in Fes and the donkeys and handcarts!

Koutoubia Mosque and the Saadian tombs.

Wall art…

Spices in the souk.

We attempted to visit Jardin Majorelle, the Yves St. Laurent museum and the Berber museum, but the queue was so long that we gave up! We will go back tomorrow early before the hordes of tourists arrive! We hope!

Instead we went to the Kasbah area and found cafe Clock, had a good late lunch and then bought a carpet from the Berber region in the high Atlas Mountains – Taznakht.

Yesterday we ate at Amal – a restaurant that assists women and trains them in the restaurant business so that they can achieve social and economic stability. (We didn’t have the wine there!)

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