Long weekend – Niagara and Toronto

A beautiful day to be at the falls.

Downtown Toronto

Getting together with our good friend, Irene…

Then and now – 34 years on …

A brazen racoon in Rosetta McClain gardens

The Beaches .. always entertaining on Queen Street..

..and walking the boardwalk…

Last time we’ll sit on these steps ….

One thought on “Long weekend – Niagara and Toronto

  1. I love the photos with Irene of what a difference 34 years can make. I still enjoy hearing what the Uricks are up to. I am still hanging in here with a reasonable quality of life, although I was told recently I have less than six months to go. I am not in pain and am on very little medication. I am still able to drive and live alone,so feel I am still independent, which means quite a lot. My main problem is an irritating cough, hoarseness and being unable to eat very much. I can still get a glass of wine down. All for now. Love. Lolita.


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