Day trips

We made a trip to Everett for a tour of the Boeing factory where 747s, 777s, and 787 Dreamliners are built. Unfortunately no phones or cameras are allowed inside the facility which is gargantuan. Seeing about six 777s at different stages is interesting – some with fuselage and wings (minus the tips which are installed at the very end), others just fuselage, others having the interior finished. It was surprising to see the thickness (maybe a little more than 1/4″) of the carbon fiber used to build the 777s and 787s.

Today we took local transit from Issaquah to downtown Seattle for $1 each (senior rate). The ride on the express bus was only about 15 minutes longer than driving ourselves and we had no parking hassles or bills. Parking at the park & ride in Issaquah is free for public transit users.

These are the remaining sections of the Alaska way viaduct that ran along the waterfront in front of many high-end condos and office buildings obstructing their water views. Since its removal the noise and fumes have abated and the city plans to create green space and parks as well as a four-lane road. This is the project that Ian has been working on since they arrived last summer.

Pikes Market is always a must when downtown in Seattle.

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