Canmore, Alberta

We are staying at the modern and convenient Base Camp Lodge in Canmore. The backdrop of sheer mountains out of the window is incredible.

Three Sisters range


Our morning took us to the Bow River lined with beautiful golden Aspen shining in the sunlight.

At every turn in the road there is an amazing view, and the same view changes constantly as clouds roll in or the sun shines down.

We drove a short distance to park and hike to the beautiful Grassi Lakes (at 5,150 ft). As we got to the top, the wind picked up and there were threatening clouds, but luckily no precipitation!

The lakes are named after Lawrence Grassi, an Italian who emigrated to Canada in 1912. After working for the Canadian Pacific Railway for several years, he began work as a miner in the Canmore coal mines in 1916. Grassi went on to become a well-respected climbing guide and built many trails in the area, including the one to the Grassi Lakes that bear his name. The sheer rocks surrounding the lakes are used by climbers, but none were there this morning.

On our drive to Lake Minnewanka we saw this amazing rainbow in the valley right in front of us!

We picnicked at Johnson Lake before driving past the huge Lake Minnewanka.

our picnic spot

Still more incredible mountain views with ever changing colors depending on whether the sun is shining or clouds are hovering. Golden Aspen grow seemingly on the rock face.

Our pre-dinner stroll along and across the Bow River with a surprise sighting this close to town. Not so unusual for the locals.

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