Guayaquil, Ecuador

Guayaquil, the gateway to our Ecuador adventure lies in the estuary of the Guayas River. The largest city in Ecuador with 3.5 million.

Across the street from our hotel is Seminario Park, better known as Iguana Park!!!

and Guayaquil’s cathedral.

Fires destroyed all of the buildings pre-early 20th century, so the city doesn’t have a colonial feel to it. The Malecon along the riverfront is a lovely walkway with parks, cafes, sculptures and playgrounds.

Native herons nesting.

Las Penas neighborhood encompasses the hills of Santa Clara and Santa Ana.

Historic district.

We climbed the 444 steps to top of Santa Ana hill with its lighthouse and Santa Ana chapel. There are no roads on this hillside, access is only via the steps.

Some of the local residents …

Along the way …

At the top!

Interesting metal structure on the Malecon.

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