Zuana Hotel and Santa Marta

Our spacious one bedroom condo had a huge square balcony overlooking the Caribbean and the beach. We got settled in and our first foray into Santa Marta was via taxi. We were surprised at the distance – about 20 miles, but the ride was interesting and Santa Marta appeared to offer a variety of restaurants, etc. We found a supermarket and stocked up on basic supplies for the next several days. Papaya, and papaya, and avocados, and papaya and avocados!!

We spent most of our days at one of the lovely pools there at the resort, lounging under palm palapas. Yes – it was quite hot and quite humid! but an early morning walk on the beach and then many dips in the pool made for quite a manageable day! We’d retire to the condo during the hottest part of the day (2-4) in time to have a drink on the balcony before heading into Santa Marta for dinner. We discovered there was no need to take the taxi back and forth and started using the local buses which ran very frequently on the main road outside the hotel.

and then there was our resident Iguana (at the pool)

Santa Marta market and waterfront in the evening.

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