Life on board Celebrity Infinity

This was our second cruise on Infinity and it was nice to be on familiar turf. The cabin we selected for this cruise, however, was at the stern and we were totally shocked when we saw the size of our “balcony”! It was at least the size of the cabin and definitely should have been called a “patio”. We felt that being at the stern would give us a viewing advantage. Many prefer the mid-section of the ship, claiming there is less motion, but we felt that, in the rolling swells, our location in the centre of the ship was best.

All dolled up for one of the formal nights!

Our table mates were terrific. We all had so much fun when we gathered for dinner – sharing our experiences of the day. There were 10 of us – our casino-lovers, Debbie and Esther, sisters from Toronto; our tango dancers, Natasha and Dushko, from San Diego; Connie and Carl, from Tennessee – he kept us all on our toes, while Connie quietly took it all in; Gary and Nati, from Rochester – Nati and I shared papaya every evening, and we enjoyed Gary’s wry sense of humour.

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