Tallinn – worth visiting

Dinner tonight:
3 local draughts beers
1 delicious tomato and smoked cheese soup
1 chicken breast with lemon grass sauce and salad greens
1 cod with lemon sauce and vegetables
1 portion potatoes
1 coffee
1 liqueur – Vana Tallinn (the local, and very good liqueur)
1 decadent chocolate cake served with tarragon flavored ice cream and a berry sauce
All for 34 euros!!!! Or $47!!!!

We went to this restaurant (Von Krahli Aed) twice out of the three nights we were here.


The other place we loved was Porgu (where I had the wonderful borscht).

Another surprising fact about Tallinn: Skype has it’s software development centre here and Tallinn is known as the “silicon valley of the Baltic”. Who would know?????


What a great day we’ve had! This is definitely one of my favorite cities. The weather forecast was iffy, but after a few minor, quick showers, we’ve had a beautiful clear day.

We started the day by walking along the city walls to St. olaf’s church, where we discovered you can climb 142 feet to the top of the tower. It’s a good thing that Dennis didn’t attempt it, as he would have suffered coming down the steep stone winding staircase, and I definitely had my aerobic workout climbing up there, but it was oh so worth it. (We later found out on our tour that in the 16th century this was the second highest structure in the world!)






We then joined a free 2-hour walking tour of the city, which was led by one of the very attractive Estonian young women, and was very informative and interesting. We’ve taken these free tours in other cities (Santiago, Chile was one) and they’re generally excellent.





After a break for snack lunch, Dennis was even willing to take time for a little retail therapy!!! No, I didn’t buy this hat, but could be tempted!!!!



Tallinn is TERrIFiC

We just arrived, but I’m already lamenting our departure, and trying to work out how we can come back!

Our hotel (the Imperial) is charming and in the old town, just outside the main walls. We had a beer, and I had a long awaited bowl of borscht – glad I waited because it could not have been better – at a great little beer cellar that makes a potent home-brew beer. Dinner was at Von Krahli Aed and it was superb. A stroll through town and now looking forward to exploring in day light.

Look for another report and pics tomorrow!

BTW the bus trip was great.