Da Nang and Hoi An

We left the steamy southern part of the country and flew for just one hour to Da Nang (familiar territory for Dennis – he flew  in and out of there during his stint in Viet Nam). In Da Nang we visited the Cham Museum to learn about the Cham culture, and walked up Marble Mountain.

Marble Mountain

We visited a store where the most amazing hand embroidery was done from simply copying a photo or picture.

Such talent! it was mesmerizing.

Hoi An, a former commercial port, was a thriving international trading port from the 16-18th centuries, visited by the Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, British, and French. Fortunate to escape damage from the Vietnamese-American war, this picturesque fishing village retains the feel of centuries past.

Our hotel, the Life Resort, was as luxurious as it sounds and I was fortunate enough to celebrate my birthday there. I have never been treated so much and so well! it was almost embarassing!

on my birthday

one of my treats - a ride on the river

fishing from a sampan

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