We were met at the airport by our guide and driver and delivered to the first class Caravelle Hotel, where we were met by this lovely girl dressed in the traditional Ao Dai that is still so commonly worn.

Views from the roof of our hotel..

After a refreshing night’s sleep were off to explore the city …

After enjoying being pedalled around, we met up with our guide who had an itinerary for us: the Reunification Palace and War Crimes Museum and the Cu Chi Tunnels.  The palace and museum were typical military displays – enough said! but the tunnels were another story! The connected network of tunnels extends over 124 miles underground, and was used as a domicile of the former Cu Chi guerrilla fighters. The complex system included sleeping chambers, kitchens and wells and were used to house residents and rudimentary hospitals. Sometimes, during periods of heavy bombing or troop movement, they would be forced to remain underground for many days at a time.

one of the surface traps demonstrated by a guide

Gum plantation

harvesting the sap

Saigon sights ..

a local market

the main post office

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